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U.K. Slang Decoded: For the International Students

Now that I’ve told you guys where I’m from, it’ll probably make a bit more sense to you when I say that U.K. slang was completely foreign to me when I moved there last September. Even though my country is a colony of Britain… the slangs we use are totally different. TOTALLY different.

So in this post, I decided to explain some of the words (have to figure out a few for yourself innit?) I’ve encountered this year, to give those of you moving or thinking about moving to the U.K. to little a bit of a head start.

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Useful Uni Hack #1: Online Grocery Shopping

Eating healthy in uni is hard. And although for some people that may be due to being terrible in the kitchen, for others (like me), it may simply be because of a lack of motivation or time to go to the grocery store. That’s where this helpful little hack comes in. Continue reading Useful Uni Hack #1: Online Grocery Shopping

Things to Consider When Choosing A Uni

Hey guys!

So in my last post I gave you a few tips for your first year of uni. But before you pack up and leave your parent’s house, you have to know where you’re actually headed.

Since every university differs, I decided to break down a few things to consider before you make your final choice in four categories:  Continue reading Things to Consider When Choosing A Uni

First Year of Uni? My Tips!

So for those of you that don’t know, I just finished my first year of undergraduate study at the University of Leicester in the U.K. In short form, the past year has been the ultimate roller coaster, from moving to a totally different country (I absolutely love it!) and living all on my own, to making the best friends a girl like me could ever hope for.

In even shorter form, let’s just say my first year was greatness, amazing, phenomenal.. (and every other word in the dictionary with a meaning along these lines).

But for those of you who are probably headed to uni this upcoming fall, you might be a bit apprehensive about the transition from college, especially if that’s paired with moving to a brand new place (whether that be country or city). That’s why I’m sitting down at my desk in the middle of my work day writing this post. Continue reading First Year of Uni? My Tips!