5 Questions People Always Ask About England/Leicester

As an island girl who moved into a first world country like the United Kingdom, whenever I travel back home I’m always getting questions about the different aspects of living in England. So, for those of you from the TCI, and those who may be thinking about travelling to or moving to England, here are my answers to a few questions I often get.

-How do you get there?

This question can be broken down further.

  • What route do you take?

Travelling from Turks and Caicos, there are two common routes when travelling to the U.K, both of which I’ve used before.

  1. 2 hour flight from Providenciales to Antigua, then a  8 hr 30 min flight from Antigua to London Gatwick Airport on British Airways.
  2. 1hr 20 min flight from Providenciales to Miami Fl, then a 8hr 30 min flight from Miami Fl to London Heathrow Airport on American Airlines or British Airways (operated by American Airlines)

From London, I usually take the National Express to Leicester. ( 2 1/2 hrs from Heathrow, 31/2 hrs from Gatwick)

Stay tuned for a future post where I describe which route I prefer & why. Note also that there are other ways to get to the U.K. from the T.C.I., these are just the easiest & fastest routes for me. For airplane and National Express tickets, cost varies depending on how far in advance they are bought. 


-What is the Average Cost of Accommodation?

The answer to this question is always a bit tricky. Accommodation prices vary depending on style of accommodation, location in the city, and the city itself. For example in a previous post I mentioned that accommodation in London is often more expensive than in Leicester. For reference however, student accommodation can cost anywhere from about £80 – £160 per week. Note that this usually includes all expenses, water, heating, insurance, etc.

-What is the Average Cost of Food & Groceries?

Cheap. Extremely cheap.

Especially for my T.C.I nationals. On average I spend about £25 every two weeks, and my house is always filled with snacks, things I need to cook with, fruits and vegetables, and toiletries. Nothing compared to what we usually have to spend in the Turks & Caicos.


How is the Weather? & How to Dress Appropriately for the Weather?

It gets cold! The lowest I’ve seen the temperature be in Leicester was about -3C or -4C degrees, and whilst that’s not extreme, it’s usually very windy, which can often make a -3C day feel like a -20C day. Be prepared with your coats from around October, straight up until end of March. And have an umbrella on hand.

In terms of dressing appropriately, you’ll need a thick coat, some really good trainers (sneakers), and a beanie. For a more in depth description of how to dress appropriately for the weather stay tuned for a future post. 


How are the people?

The people are amazing. Everyone that I’ve met so far are really friendly, and also really helpful. So for example, don’t be afraid to ask a question if you happen to get lost somewhere, or aren’t sure which train to take. Living there you also get to meet people from different places- many of which you probably haven’t even heard of before.


Bonus questions: A lot of people always ask me if I like living in the U.K. and also if I miss home?

Do I like it? YES. However, in terms of whether I miss home the answer to that question is honestly no (lol). Do I miss my family? All the time. But there’s something freeing about living on your own, and being independent at uni.

If anyone has anything else they’d like to ask me, don’t be afraid to hit me up through my social media accounts. Or leave a comment below & I’ll be sure to respond!

snapchat: intallys_world

IG: kingtalia_


peace & positivity

-tally x


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