Useful Uni Hack #1: Online Grocery Shopping

Eating healthy in uni is hard. And although for some people that may be due to being terrible in the kitchen, for others (like me), it may simply be because of a lack of motivation or time to go to the grocery store. That’s where this helpful little hack comes in.

The store I usually do my online grocery shopping from is ASDA. And while it does have its pros and cons…



  • Offers store collection for free.
  • Home delivery starts from as little as £1. Price changes depending on time of day and how many days in advance of delivery time the order is placed.
  • You get to book an hour time slot, so you know exactly when you’re food is coming!
  • They send you updates via text and email along the way.


  • Must have £25 worth of groceries in your basket to place an order (this is only a con because during uni we rarely spend this much at once when grocery shopping)


… there are also many other major stores to choose from. Namely, Iceland, Morrisons, Tesco, and there’s also a website called My Supermarket where you can combine your orders from all of those places into one.

Although in uni we really only buy the bare minimum, this hack can prove really helpful for the beginning of the school year if you’re purchasing house cleaners, laundry detergents, toiletries, or large quantities of bottled water.


Don’t spend all your money on fast food in uni. Don’t starve yourself either. Just a tip. 

peace & positivity

tally x





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