First Year of Uni? My Tips!

So for those of you that don’t know, I just finished my first year of undergraduate study at the University of Leicester in the U.K. In short form, the past year has been the ultimate roller coaster, from moving to a totally different country (I absolutely love it!) and living all on my own, to making the best friends a girl like me could ever hope for.

In even shorter form, let’s just say my first year was greatness, amazing, phenomenal.. (and every other word in the dictionary with a meaning along these lines).

But for those of you who are probably headed to uni this upcoming fall, you might be a bit apprehensive about the transition from college, especially if that’s paired with moving to a brand new place (whether that be country or city). That’s why I’m sitting down at my desk in the middle of my work day writing this post.

So without me wasting anymore of your time, here are my tips for your first year of uni!

1.Make what little space you have your own.

  • Uni accommodations are not luxurious, AT ALL. And they’re also not big. So depending on what you’re used to at home, it could be very easy to feel homesick at the start. Combat this by filling it with things that’ll make YOU happy. Whether that be posters on the wall, potted plants sitting in the window sill, or pictures of all your friends and family. Be creative!


2.Make & keep GOOD friends.

  • Uni isn’t easy, so having good friends that’ll encourage and be there for you are extremely important. There will be lots of people on your course to meet, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, you never know which one of those friendships might stick. Also, don’t be afraid to drop friends when you realize they’re more than what you bargained for. Keep positivity around you at all times! In addition to your course, there are many other ways to meet people. Which brings me to..


3. Join social clubs…

  • … or sporting groups or even the choir! Maybe you can volunteer! Uni is a community in itself, so there are a wide range of opportunities available. Christian? There are several societies to get involved in. A huge anime fan? Probably a society for that too. Passionate about cancer and cancer research? Yup. For anything you’re interested in, it’s highly likely that there’s a club for it… and if there isn’t? Start one! It’s that easy. And it’s not only a perfect way to meet new people, it’s a great asset to your CV when you start job searching.


4. Eat REAL food. HEALTHY food!

  • …not McDonald’s and Nandos everyday. Need I say more?


5. Get registered with your nearest health center.

  • Freshers flu is the real deal. Even if your’e not a fresher. Come to uni prepared! Kleenex tissues, pain pills, and vitamin C. You WILL get it. This is also for those of you who will ignore tip 4 and end up with a stomach bug LOL.
  • Also, get your meningitis vaccine if you haven’t already!


6. If you have access to peer mentors and personal tutors, USE THEM.

  • As someone who just became a uni peer mentor, and has been in my previous schools, I am very passionate about this. It’s highly likely that you’ll be paired with someone that does your course, and therefore went through all the course work and exams that you will have to do in the upcoming year. Ask them about study tips, teacher expectations, and practically anything else. And if they can’t help you, they’re trained to direct you to someone who can. It’s the same for your personal tutors.


7. Making use of your school services.

  • Whether it be career choices, mental health issues, or finance.. your uni will probably have a service that provides help for any problem you might have.



  • The 9ams, and the 5pms. And your tutorials.. and your practical classes if you have any. Uni is still school! And you’re not there to waste 9K (or more if you’re international) at home watching Netflix.
  • Also, hand your assignments in on time. You might’ve gotten a first if you didn’t hand your work in at 12:01. Just a thought.


9. Don’t be in a rush to date.

  • If you’re a hopeless romantic like I am; you can’t wait to have the perfect relationship, so that you can have the perfect wedding, and then the perfect little babies. While you could meet your husband/ wife in uni, it doesn’t mean that the first, or the second, or even the third person you meet that you find attractive will be that person. The person you’re destined to marry might not even go to your uni, or be in uni at all. Try your best not to get too caught up, and be wise about your decisions.


10. Party.. but not too hard. & be CAREFUL.

Freshers week is fun. But remember that you’ve probably only known your friends for 2-3 days. The uni atmosphere or maybe even the city is still very new to you. Relax a bit on the alcohol and weed. You don’t have to be drunk/ high to have fun.

-peace and positivity 

tally x


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